Progress In Electromagnetics Research B
ISSN: 1937-6472
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By R. Solimene, G. Ruvio, A. Dell’Aversano, A. Cuccaro, M. J. Ammann, and R. Pierri

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The problem of detecting point-like sources whose frequency spectrum is unknown is addressed. Limitations of single-frequency approaches are identified by analytical as well as numerical arguments. To overcome these limits, different multifrequency approaches which combine frequency data incoherently are compared. In particular, a novel multifrequency MUSIC-like algorithm based on interferometric idea is proposed. Results show that the algorithm outperforms other methods under comparison.

R. Solimene, G. Ruvio, A. Dell’Aversano, A. Cuccaro, M. J. Ammann, and R. Pierri, "Detecting Point-Like Sources of Unknown Frequency Spectra," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 50, 347-364, 2013.

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