Progress In Electromagnetics Research B
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By K. C.-Y. Chen, L. K. Warne, and K. S. H. Lee

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The voltage on a single-turn loop inside an enclosure characterizes the enclosure shielding effectiveness against a lightning insult. In this paper, the maximum induced voltage on a singleturn loop inside an enclosure from lightning coupling to a metal enclosure wall is expressed in terms of two multiplicative factors: (A) the normalized enclosure wall peak penetration ratio (i.e., ratio of the peak interior electric field multiplied by the sheet conductance to the exterior magnetic field) and (B) the DC voltage on an ideal optimum coupling loop assuming the ideal penetration ratio of one. As a result of the decomposition, the variation of the peak penetration ratio (A) for different coupling mechanisms is found to be small; the difference in the maximum voltage hence arises from the DC voltage on the optimum coupling loop (B). Maximum voltages on an optimum coupling loop inside a finite cylinder enclosure for direct attachment and a lightning line source at different distances from the enclosure are given in Table 3.

K. C.-Y. Chen, L. K. Warne, and K. S. H. Lee, "Lightning Responses on a Finite Cylindrical Enclosure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 58, 19-33, 2014.

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