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By M. Sesay, X. Jin, and Z. Ouyang

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Investigation on dielectric frequency selective structure with arbitrary shaped grating is done numerically for filter applications. To obtain well designed parameters, the effects of shape, size and dielectric constant of the structure are carefully studied. We examine in detail various structures and their spectral response which have not been reported by other authors. It is also shown how the frequency selective behavior of the structure can be controlled to meet a specific purpose for narrow linewidth filtering for normal incident angle. Results obtained for the scattering of several dielectric frequency selective surfaces are compared with both theoretical and experimental results presented in the literature, showing very good agreement. The effect of arbitrary angle of incidence is also shown to excite higher-order Floquet modes that affect the filtering properties.

M. Sesay, X. Jin, and Z. Ouyang, "Frequency Selective Surface with Arbitrary Shapes and its Application to Filter Design," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 57, 75-85, 2014.

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