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By M. Aneesh, J. A. Ansari, A. Singh, Kamakshi, and S. S. Sayeed

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In this article, the parametric analysis of the slot-loaded microstrip line feed patch antenna is investigated using artificial neural network model. The bandwidths of the proposed antenna obtained at TM01, TM02, and TM03 frequency modes are 10.2 GHz, 13.6 GHz, and 17.2 GHz, respectively. The performance of the proposed antenna is analysed using artificial neural network model. The changes obtained in bandwidth due to the position of slot length and slot width are reported. The antenna parameters such as return loss, VSWR, gain and efficiency are also calculated. The simulated results obtained with the help of IE3D simulation software are trained and tested using ANN. Theoretical results are compared with simulated and experimental ones, and they are in close agreement.

M. Aneesh, J. A. Ansari, A. Singh, Kamakshi, and S. S. Sayeed, "Analysis of Microstrip Line Feed Slot Loaded Patch Antenna Using Artificial Neural Network," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 58, 35-46, 2014.

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