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By A. H. Ramadan, J. Costantine, M. Al-Husseini, K. Y. Kabalan, Y. Tawk, and C. G. Christodoulou

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In this paper, frequency-tunable microstrip antennas, for cognitive radio applications, are proposed. The approach is based on electrically tuning the antenna's operating frequency by integrating reconfigurable band pass filters into wideband antenna structures. The design of an open loop resonator (OLR)-based bandstop filter, and its transformation to a bandpass filter, are investigated first. Then, the incorporation of the bandpass filter, with a wideband antenna, is detailed. The same methodology is employed to design cognitive radio pattern and polarization diversity tunable filter-antennas. A good agreement between the simulated and measured results for the different fabricated prototypes is attained.

A. H. Ramadan, J. Costantine, M. Al-Husseini, K. Y. Kabalan, Y. Tawk, and C. G. Christodoulou, "Tunable Filter-Antennas for Cognitive Radio Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 57, 253-265, 2014.

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