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By S. Verma and P. Kumar

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This paper presents a novel design of an egg curve based wide-slot antenna for various wideband applications. The proposed printed antenna consists of an egg curved slot with a similar tuning stub. The egg curve is obtained by introducing an egg shaping parameter into standard elliptic curve equation. The effect on the impedance bandwidth through the variations in antenna design parameters has been investigated and analysed in detail. To validate the theoretical design, various egg curved slot antennas were designed, fabricated and measured. Good agreement between the simulated results and the measured ones is observed. An empirical formula is also proposed to approximately determine the frequency corresponding to the lower edge of -10 dB operating bandwidth. The results demonstrate that the proposed egg curved slot antenna (ECSA) can obtain a measured bandwidth (BW) of 164.46% (1.95-20.0 GHz) for |S11|≤10 dB. A stable realised gain of about 4.1-5.1 dBi with consistent radiation patterns are measured over more than the entire ultrawideband (UWB) bandwidth (3.1-10.6 GHz) which makes it a suitable candidate for wideband and UWB wireless system applications.

S. Verma and P. Kumar, "Printed Egg Curved Slot Antennas for Wideband Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 58, 111-121, 2014.

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