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By V. V. Tikhonov, D. A. Boyarskii, E. Sharkov, M. Raev, I. A. Repina, V. Ivanov, T. A. Alexeeva, and N. Y. Komarova

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Microwave model for simulation of radiation from the multilayer system ``sea surface - sea ice - snow cover - atmosphere'' is introduced. In the general case, ice and snow cover is modelled by multilayer medium, where every layer is characterized by its specific physical parameters. Electrodynamical properties of each layer are determined from the original authors' model of the effective permittivity of heterogeneous medium. This model takes into account effects of radiation scattering on irregularities of environment. Measurable physical characteristics of sea ice and snow are used as the model input data. This advantage allows using this model for interpretation of remote sensing images of the ice cover in the Polar Regions. Major attention is drawn to comparison of model calculations with satellite data and visual observations from ships. The collection of SSM/I and SSMIS images from GLOBAL-RT data base, and processed visual observations from ships in Arctic cruises were used. Observations data served as the input parameters for electrodynamical model. Comparison of model results with SSM/I images demonstrated good coincidence at various frequencies.

V. V. Tikhonov, D. A. Boyarskii, E. Sharkov, M. Raev, I. A. Repina, V. Ivanov, T. A. Alexeeva, and N. Y. Komarova, "Microwave Model of Radiation from the Multilayer ``Ocean-Atmosphere'' System for Remote Sensing Studies of the Polar Regions," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 59, 123-133, 2014.

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