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By N. K. Bourgis and T. V. Yioultsis

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In this paper, a new electrically small metamaterial-inspired monopole antenna is presented. The antenna consists of a simple square-shaped coplanar waveguide (CPW-fed) monopole with an embedded complementary split ring resonator (CSRR). It operates at three distinct frequency ranges with central frequencies around 2.45, 4.2, and 5.8 GHz, exhibiting low return loss and uniform radiation patterns, making it a perfect candidate for modern wireless applications. Furthermore, using this antenna as a primary unit to construct two different 2×2 MIMO system configurations, we achieve systematic minimization of mutual coupling between the radiation elements around 2.45 GHz, using additional single negative (SNG) metamaterial inspired resonators. Mutual coupling is reduced by as much as 27 dB at the aforementioned frequency. The simulated and measured results of all the fabricated antennas are in good agreement.

N. K. Bourgis and T. V. Yioultsis, "Efficient Isolation Between Electrically Small Metamaterial-Inspired Monopole Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 60, 227-239, 2014.

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