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By S. P. Kuo

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Theory, numerical simulation, and experiment on the interaction of electromagnetic wave with suddenly created periodic plasma layers are presented. In the experiment, frequency-downshifted signals of considerably large spectral width and enhanced spectral intensity were detected. Numerical simulation of the experiment, that the plasma has a finite periodic structure and is created much faster than its decay, shows that the frequency downshifted waves have a broad power spectrum and are trapped in this plasma crystal until the plasma frequency drops to become less than the wave frequency. The spectral power increases exponentially with the frequency of the frequency downshifted wave, consistent with the experiment. The simulation reveals that wave trapping results in accumulating the frequency-downshifted waves generated in the finite transition period of plasma creation and decay. Though frequency-upshifted signals were missing in the experimental measurement, it might be attributed to the collision damping of the plasma.

S. P. Kuo, "Wave Transition and Trapping by Suddenly Created Periodic Plasma," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 60, 275-285, 2014.

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