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By A. Kabiri and O. M. Ramahi

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Variety of designs for artificial magnetic materials have been proposed in the literature. in most designs such as split-ring resonators, the inductive and capacitive responses of metallic inclusions are dependent since the area and perimeter of the resonators' geometry cannot be tuned independently. In this work, three generic resonators for the design of artificial magnetic materials are proposed. The resonators are called rose curve resonator, corrugated rectangular resonator, and sine oval resonator. The proposed resonators' patterns are characterized so that their areas and perimeters vary independently. Thus, the geometries are capable of satisfying any realizable combination of area and perimeter designed for an artificial magnetic material with desired properties. Numerical studies are considered showing the effectiveness of the new geometries to fulfil design specifications.

A. Kabiri and O. M. Ramahi, "Generic Building Blocks for Construction of Artificial Magnetic Media," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 62, 17-28, 2015.

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