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By B. Hamdi, T. Aguili, and H. Baudrand

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Studying of mutual coupling parameters between the antenna elements in an array environment has been considered as the subject of feature research. That is why, in this paper, we present a new Floquet modal analysis procedure for analyzing almost periodic structures. Accurate evaluation of the mutual coupling could be achieved by this analysis. It is shown how Floquet analysis can be exploited to study a finite array with arbitrary amplitude and linear phase distribution in both x-y directions including mutual coupling effects. Two different calculation methods of coupling coefficients between the array elements are presented, in spectral and spatial domains, to solve the suggested problem. For modeling the given structures, the moment method combined with Generalized Equivalent Circuit (MoM-GEC) is proposed. High gain in the running time and memory used is given using Floquet analysis. To validate this work, several examples are shown.

B. Hamdi, T. Aguili, and H. Baudrand, "Floquet Modal Analysis to Modelize and Study 2-D Planar Almost Periodic Structures in Finite and Infinite Extent with Coupled Motifs," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 62, 63-86, 2015.

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