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By S. K. Raghuwanshi and B. M. A. Rahman

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We characterize the alpha power and chirped types of refractive index profile planar slab waveguide in terms of TE/TM mode study, waveguide dispersion study, mode profile properties, power confinement factor and universal b-V graph. Our own developed finite element method has been efficiently applied to analyze the symmetric planar slab waveguide having a complicated refractive index profile. There is a requirement for a high accuracy of numerical technique to analyze the arbitrary refractive index waveguide, as at some frequency the TE and TM modes are smeared on each other, and it is difficult to distinguish them while analyzing. This paper successfully demonstrates the different TE/TM modes supported by the waveguide with respect to alpha-power and linearly chirped types of refractive index profile. The main contribution of our work is to identify the TE/TM mode numerically for a complex refractive index planar slab waveguide and to characterize them in terms of their performance parameters. Then we apply the mode propagation concept to estimate the propagation phenomena in alpha-power and chirped types of refractive index profile waveguide. All the results presented in this paper are simulated in MATLAB only. Our study reveals that waveguide dispersion and number of allowed guided modes are small while for the case of triangular index profile followed by chirped profile and maximum for step index profile case. Hence triangular and chirped types of refractive index profile waveguide seem to be more efficient for long haul optical communication systems.

S. K. Raghuwanshi and B. M. A. Rahman, "Propagation and Characterization of Novel Graded and Linearly Chirped Type's of Refractive Index Profile Symmetric Planar Slab Waveguide by Numerical Means," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 62, 255-275, 2015.

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