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By D. Feng, D. X. An, and X.-T. Huang

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In this paper, a fast time domain imaging algorithm called bistatic forward-looking fast factorized backprojection algorithm (BF-FFBPA) based on sub-aperture and sub-image is proposed for general bistatic forward-looking synthetic aperture radar (BFSAR) with arbitrary motion. It can not only accurately dispose the large spatial variant range cell migrations and complicated motion errors, but also achieve high imaging efficiency. First, the imaging geometry and signal model are established, and the implementation of backprojection algorithm (BPA) in the BFSAR imaging is given to provide a basis for the proposed BF-FFBPA. Then, considering motion errors, the more accurate requirements of splitting sub-aperture and sub-image in the BF-FFBPA is introduced based on the range error analysis to offer the tradeoff between the imaging quality and efficiency. Finally, the implementation and computational burden of the BF-FFBPA is provided and analyzed. Simulated results and evaluations are given to prove the correctness of the theory analysis and the validity of the proposed approach.

D. Feng, D. X. An, and X.-T. Huang, "Image Formation Using Fast Factorized Backprojection Based on Sub-Aperture and Sub-Image for General Bistatic Forward-Looking SAR with Arbitrary Motion," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 74, 141-153, 2017.

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