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By X. Ren, Y. Le, and C. Wang

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In this paper, an asymmetric thrust magnetic bearing (MB) design principle and method are introduced. Different from the general design method of magnetic bearing, the asymmetric magnetic bearing design method focuses on the effect of asymmetric factor. A permanent magnet biased asymmetric hybrid thrust magnetic bearing (AHTMB) with secondary air-gap is designed in detail. A multi-objective optimization is conducted with genetic algorithm (GA) to get smaller mass and less loss. According to optimized model parameters, magnetic field distribution, stiffness and effect of asymmetry factor on stiffness are also analyzed. For stability of the system, equivalent stiffness and equivalent damping and current characteristics are deduced. Based on the analysis results and design methods, appropriate asymmetry factor asymmetric can be chosen to satisfy the different bias force requirement. With small number of coils and current, AHTMB with secondary air-gap is beneficial for decreasing the copper loss and enhancing dynamic performance of control system.

X. Ren, Y. Le, and C. Wang, "Integrated Design and Optimization Method of an Asymmetric Hybrid Thrust Magnetic Bearing with Secondary Air-Gap," Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 77, 155-173, 2017.

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