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By H. Karkhane, A. Ghorbani, and H. R. Amin Davar

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This paper is concerned with a new time-domain modeling topology for signals which is appliedto OFDM systems. This model is a more accurate based on Wiener approach. Also the memory effect will be shown using two-tone intermodulation distortion (IMD) measurement with different tone frequency spacing and power levels. Next adaptive predistorter to counterbalance the AM/AM andAM/PM nonlinear effects of the transmitter power amplifier is proposedb y Hammerstein approach. Finally we consider the effectiveness of proposedmetho don performance of OFDM signal as the wideband system by reduction of distortion. It is confirmed by computer simulation that proposedapproac h produces a faster convergence speed than the previous adaptive predistortion technique.

H. Karkhane, A. Ghorbani, and H. R. Amin Davar, "Quantifying and Cancellation Memory Effect in High Power Amplifier for OFDM Systems," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 3, 183-194, 2008.

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