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By M. Pirai and H. R. Hassani

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In this paper, the characteristics of an L probe fed planar rectangular patch antenna mounted on a cylindrical surface for circular polarization is investigated. To obtain a large bandwidth an L probe feed is used which is in the shape of a fork attached to a coaxial cable and is placed under a corner of the patch antenna. Simulation results, obtained via HFSS, on the return loss and radiation pattern of the antenna for circular polarization are presented. Results show an impedance bandwidth of 74.6%, an average gain of 7.5 dBi with stable radiation patterns across the entire passband and a bandwidth of 58% for AR< 3 dB.

M. Pirai and H. R. Hassani, "L-Probe Fed Circular Polarized Wideband Planar Patch Antenna on Cylindrical Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 3, 161-167, 2008.

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