Progress In Electromagnetics Research C
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By F. Zhao, K. Xiao, W.-J. Feng, S.-L. Chai, and J.-J. Mao

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The X-band wide band aperture-coupled stacked microstrip antenna is studied and manufactured. Based on the finite-difference time-domain method, a parametric study of the input impedance of the antenna is presented, and the effects of some parameters which are not easy to control in manufacture of the antenna impedance are illustrated. The structure of screw-plane-support is used for the manufacture of this kind of antenna. And several notes for manufacture are considered based on the parameter analysis. The measured bandwidth in which VSWR≤2 is greater than 50%. The measured results are basically accordant to numerical simulated results. It testifies the capability of the model in expanding bandwidth and validity of this structure. The radiation patterns within operation bandwidth are presented and discussed.

F. Zhao, K. Xiao, W.-J. Feng, S.-L. Chai, and J.-J. Mao, "Design and Manufacture of the Wide-Band Aperture-Coupled Stacked Microstrip Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 7, 37-50, 2009.

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