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Numerical Study of Behavioural Sub-Harmonically Pumped Mixer in a Novel Structure

By Amir Vaezi, Abdolali Abdipour, and Kambiz Afrooz
Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 10, 49-61, 2009


A Sub Harmonically Pumped (SHP) mixer suitable for direct conversion receiver in 3G mobile frequency band is presented. This mixer is realized with N anti-parallel diode pairs (APDPs) and designed in self-biased structure to obtain minimum noise figure and conversion loss. In this paper, a simultaneous signal and noise analysis CAD routine to analyze a circuit consists of Arbitrary Number of anti-parallel diode pairs in self-biased structure is proposed. Then the results of this CAD routine are confirmed with other method. The mixer is optimized to obtain a maximally flat conversion gain and minimum Noise Figure over various LO powers. The proposed CAD is used to obtain the optimum number of APDPs. Also the optimum self-biased resistance and output load are calculated.


Amir Vaezi, Abdolali Abdipour, and Kambiz Afrooz, "Numerical Study of Behavioural Sub-Harmonically Pumped Mixer in a Novel Structure," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 10, 49-61, 2009.


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