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By O. Hammi, M. Younes, A. Kwan, M. Smith, and F. M. Ghannouchi

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A novel approach is proposed for automated dimension estimation in memory polynomial based power amplifiers/transmitters behavioral models. This method consists of successively identifying the static nonlinearity order and memory depth of the model in accordance with a predefined performance criterion. The proposed method is validated using a 3G Doherty power amplifier driven by various WCDMA signals. Experimental results demonstrate the robustness of the proposed successive sweep approach compared to the conventional blind simultaneous sweep approach. The proposed dimension estimation method is an enabling tool for efficient design optimization of power amplifiers circuits to enhance their linearizability.

O. Hammi, M. Younes, A. Kwan, M. Smith, and F. M. Ghannouchi, "Performance-Driven Dimension Estimation of Memory Polynomial Behavioral Models for Wireless Transmitters and Power Amplifiers," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 12, 173-189, 2010.

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