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By M. Y. Ismail and M. Inam Abbasi

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Infinite reflectarrays in the X-band frequency range has been designed, and various slot configurations have been proposed to optimize the design of reconfigurable reflectarray antennas in the X-band frequency range. It has been demonstrated that the introduction of slots in the patch element causes a decrease in the maximum surface current density (J) and electric field intensity (E) and hence causes a variation in the resonance frequency of the reflectarray. Waveguide simulator technique has been used to represent infinite reflectarrays with a two patch unit cell element. Scattering parameter measurements of infinite reflectarrays have been carried out using vector network analyzer and a change in resonant frequency from 10 GHz to 8.3 GHz has been shown for a slot width of 0.5W (W is the width of patch element) as compared to patch element without slot. Furthermore a maximum attainable dynamic phase range of 314┬░has been achieved by using slots in the patch element constructed on 0.508 mm thick substrate with a maximum surface current density (J) of 113A/m and Electrical field intensity (E) of 14 kV/m for 0.5W slot in the patch element.

M. Y. Ismail and M. Inam Abbasi, "Performance Improvement of Reflectarrays Based on Embedded Slots Configurations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 14, 67-78, 2010.

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