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By S. Ejaz and M. A. Shafiq

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In this paper, direction of arrival (DOA) algorithms for Frequency Modulated (FM) point source have been implemented over a real time system. The source was a commercial FM radio station broadcasting at 89 MHz. Experiments were carried out in order to determine the location of a FM transmitter using spectral and sub-space algorithms. The complete Radio Frequency (RF) front end and Uniform Linear Array (ULA) of dipole antennas were designed at 98 MHz having bandwidth of 20 MHz covering the complete FM band. The estimated DOAs are in close agreement to each other.

S. Ejaz and M. A. Shafiq, "Comparison of Spectral and Subspace Algorithms for FM Source Estimation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 14, 11-21, 2010.

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