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By W. Thaiwirot, R. Wongsan, and M. Krairiksh

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This paper presents analysis and design of a Gaussian backscatter antenna with ring focus feed. The curvature of main reflector is Gaussian, and the subreflector is a portion of an ellipse. The antenna has axial symmetry. A backscattering technique is used with the main reflector to achieve wide beamwidth. The input parameters of the proposed antenna are derived in closed form. Physical theory of diffraction (PTD) is used to analyze the radiation pattern of the proposed antenna and verified with experimental results. The effects of the support structures on the radiation patterns of the proposed antenna have been investigated experimentally. The proposed antenna can produces high gain and wide beamwidth (coverage angle θ=±65°). This antenna can be used for realizing earth coverage beam in LEO satellite or indoor wireless LAN applications.

W. Thaiwirot, R. Wongsan, and M. Krairiksh, "Analysis and Design of a Gaussian Backscatter Antenna with Ring Focus Feed," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 17, 229-244, 2010.

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