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By F. Xiao, M. Norgren, and S. He

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In this paper, a novel microwave bandpass filter structure is proposed. By introducing a metallic via hole, the filter structure operates as one λ/2 and two λ/4 uniform impedance resonators and consequently form a triplet coupling scheme. The equivalent circuit model is analyzed in detail, which shows that there is a transmission zero in the low stopband. Based on that concept, three microstrip filters are designed, fabricated and measured, respectively. The first filter has no source/load coupling and only one transmission zero is created. By introducing source/load coupling, the second filter can create three transmission zeros. The third filter can create a controllable transmission zero in upper stopband. The simulated and measured results agree very well.

F. Xiao, M. Norgren, and S. He, "Compact Third-Order Microstrip Bandpass Filter Using Hybrid Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 19, 93-106, 2011.

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