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By D. Ramaccia, A. Toscano, A. Colasante, G. Bellaveglia, and R. Lo Forti

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In this contribution we propose the design of an inductive Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) with double resonant elements aimed at the achievement of a simple well-performing, dielectric-free, space filter screen able to separate the Ku band from the Ka band. The FSS performance is compared to that of a typical double ring FSS which major drawback is the use of a dielectric substrate that leads to unavoidable additional transmission losses and makes the dichroic mirror more complex with respect to a simple single perforated screen. For all applications in which the FSS is asked to be as simple as possible and the transmission losses specifications are severe, the Inductive FSS Double Resonant Elements here proposed turns out to be an interesting alternative to typical Double Ring FSS.

D. Ramaccia, A. Toscano, A. Colasante, G. Bellaveglia, and R. Lo Forti, "Inductive Tri-Band Double Element FSS for Space Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 18, 87-101, 2011.

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