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By A. Chatterjee, G. K. Mahanti, and P. R. S. Mahapatra

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In this paper, we propose an optimization method based on Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA) for design of reconfigurable dual-beam concentric ring array of isotropic elements with phase only control of five-bit digital phase shifters. The problem is to find a common radial amplitude distribution using four-bit digital attenuator that will generate three different types of broadsided beam pair in vertical plane: a pencil/pencil beam pair, a pencil/flat-top beam pair and a flat-top/flat-top beam pair sector pattern) with desired value of side lobe level, first null beam width and ripple. The two patterns differ only in radial discrete phase distribution while sharing a common discrete radial amplitude distribution. The optimum sets of four-bit discrete radial amplitude distribution generated by four-bit digital attenuators and five-bit discrete radial phase distribution generated by five-bit digital phase shifters for obtaining dual radiation patterns are computed by Gravitational Search Algorithm.

A. Chatterjee, G. K. Mahanti, and P. R. S. Mahapatra, "Design of Fully Digital Controlled Reconfigurable Dual-Beam Concentric Ring Array Antenna Using Gravitational Search Algorithm," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 18, 59-72, 2011.

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