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By R. Joseph, S. Nakao, and T. Fukusako

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Novel circularly polarized antennas with a circular radiating aperture for broadband characteristics are presented in this paper. The vertical and horizontal components of the L-shaped probe are separated and placed at the front and back side of the substrate. The antennas are excited by a microstrip line which is connected to the vertical component of the L-shaped probe and electromagnetically couples the signal to the horizontal component of the L-shaped probe. A novel concept of placing stub in the slot of a planar antenna, by observing the electric field vector behaviour in the slot, is proposed to enhance the axial ratio (AR) bandwidth by around 10%. Unidirectional patterns can be obtained by having a cylindrical cavity of height ╬╗g/4 behind the antenna and is effective when no stubs are placed in the slot. A < 3 dB AR bandwidth of 39.5% with cavity and 41.18% without cavity but with stub in the slot is obtained in simulation and the results well match with the measurement.

R. Joseph, S. Nakao, and T. Fukusako, "Circular Slot Antennas Using L-Shaped Probe for Broadband Circular Polarization," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 18, 153-168, 2011.

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