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By M. Z. Zhan, Q. Xu, W. Zhao, Y. Zhang, R.-M. Xu, and W. Lin

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A planar W-band single balanced mixer is designed and measured in this paper. This mixer is realized by using two novel IF-block, a rat-race ring with the fifth port, two beamlead GaAs Schottky diodes and two RF chokes. The novel IF-block which designed the first time in W-band is employed to provide reflection points for IF signal and to provide low loss path in wide bandwidth for the RF and LO signals. To our knowledge, the mixer shows the best conversion loss at 95\,GHz and the highest 1\,dB power compression (P-1dB) point among the W-band planar hybrid microwave integrated circuit (HMIC) mixers.

M. Z. Zhan, Q. Xu, W. Zhao, Y. Zhang, R.-M. Xu, and W. Lin, "Planar W-Band Mixer with a Novel IF-Block," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 205-215, 2011.

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