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By W.-C. Lai, A.-C. Sun, N.-W. Chen, and C.-W. Hsue

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A planar monopole antenna with reconfigurable radiation patterns is demonstrated. The radiation pattern reconfigurability is realized straightforwardly with an employment of a detached magnetodielectric slab placed in the vicinity of the antenna structure. It is shown the radiation patterns can be easily reconfigured through the adjustment of the spacing between the slab and the antenna structure. Technically, the radiated fields are redistributed owing to the inclusion of the magnetodielectric slab, which is of high permittivity, as well as permeability. As a result, the planar monopole gain with the slab is increased up to 4 dBi while the antenna resonant frequency remains almost unchanged.

W.-C. Lai, A.-C. Sun, N.-W. Chen, and C.-W. Hsue, "Gain Enhancement of Planar Monopole with Magnetodielectric Material," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 21, 179-190, 2011.

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