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By V. V. Tyurnev and A. M. Serzhantov

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A straight split dual-mode microstrip resonator is proposed. The frequencies of the two first oscillation modes in the resonator may be brought closer together by adjusting a split parameter whereas the frequency of the third mode remains approximately equal to the doubled average frequency of the first and the second modes. It is shown that formulas derived within 1D model give qualitatively true relations between the resonant frequencies and the structure parameters of the resonator. Examples of narrowband bandpass filters of the fourth and the sixth order are described. Transmission zeros below and above the passband substantially improve the filter's performance. The simulated frequency response of the three-resonator dual-mode filter is compared with the measured response of the fabricated filter.

V. V. Tyurnev and A. M. Serzhantov, "Dual-Mode Split Microstrip Resonator for Compact Narrowband Bandpass Filters," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 23, 151-160, 2011.

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