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By S. C. Saha, U. Hanke, H. Sagberg, T. A. Fjeldly, and T. Saether

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In this paper we present the design and fabrication of an RF MEMS tunable band-pass filter. The band-pass filter design uses both distributed transmission lines and RF MEMS capacitances together to replace the lumped elements. The use of RF MEMS variable capacitances gives the flexibility of tuning both the centre frequency and the band-width of the band-pass filter. A prototype of the tunable band-pass filter is realized using parallel plate capacitances. The variable shunt and series capacitances are formed by a combination of parallel plate RF MEMS shunt bridges and series cantilevers. The filter operates at C-X band. The measurement results agree well with the simulation results.

S. C. Saha, U. Hanke, H. Sagberg, T. A. Fjeldly, and T. Saether, "Tunable Band-Pass Filter Using RF MEMS Capacitance and Transmission Line," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 23, 233-247, 2011.

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