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By Y.-H. Lee, H.-W. Tseng, W.-C. Lee, J.-Y. Lin, Y.-G. Jan, and H.-W. Tsao

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This paper presents the field trial measurement data of WiMAX base station; it includes the system coverage, signal strength and available transmission rate. Data consisting of real time images, VoIP internet telephone are transmitted through Skype software by using WiMAX, HSDPA (3.5G) and EDGE (2G) transmission techniques, and these data are connected to centrally equipped wireless monitoring servers to perform data monitoring and analysis. Finally, we make comparisons, analysis and discussions of these three transmission techniques from the measured and characterized data.

Y.-H. Lee, H.-W. Tseng, W.-C. Lee, J.-Y. Lin, Y.-G. Jan, and H.-W. Tsao, "The Measurement and Analysis of WiMAX Base Station Signal Coverage," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 25, 223-232, 2012.

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