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By M. A. Abdalla, M. A. Foad, H. A. Elregeily, and A. Mitkes

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The design and simplified analysis of a compact and wide band (16%) negative permittivity complementary split ring resonator metamaterial is introduced. The proposed metamaterial component was applied to reduce the size of the feeding line filter of microstrip patch antenna for the sake of higher order harmonic suppression. The reduction has been done using only one element of the complementary split ring resonator, while maintaining the antenna's performance. Simplified theoretical study and design of the proposed circuits has been presented. Moreover, experimental results have been done for validation and conformation purpose. Results confirm that almost 95% of the antenna noise harmonics power has been removed.

M. A. Abdalla, M. A. Foad, H. A. Elregeily, and A. Mitkes, "Wideband Negative Permittivity Metamaterial for Size Reduction of Stopband Filter in Antenna Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 25, 55-66, 2012.

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