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By Y.-C. Lee, C.-H. Liu, S.-H. Hung, C.-C. Su, and Y.-H. Wang

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A broadband monolithic image rejection subharmonic mixer using a standard 0.18 μm CMOS technology is proposed. This circuit is composed of a band-pass filter with an intermediate frequency (IF) extraction function that can simplify the block diagram of the image rejection mixer. The entire passive circuit is constructed using a broadside coupling structure to achieve a high level of integration. Based on measured results, the proposed mixer exhibits conversion loss of 15.5-18.5 dB at a local oscillator (LO) power of 13 dBm, whereas the 3 dB bandwidth ranges from 20 to 31 GHz (43.1%) with a miniature chip dimension of 0.77×0.81 mm2. The LO-to-radio frequency (RF), 2LO-to-RF, and RF-to-IF isolation levels are higher than 22.5, 42.9, and 34.5 dB, respectively. The best image rejection ratio of 29 dBc with 20° phase compensation at 24.5 GHz can be achieved.

Y.-C. Lee, C.-H. Liu, S.-H. Hung, C.-C. Su, and Y.-H. Wang, "A 20-31 GHz High Image Rejection Ratio Subharmonic Mixer," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 27, 197-207, 2012.

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