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By O. Jawad, D. Lautru, A. Benlarbi-Delai, J. M. Dricot, F. Horlin, and P. De Doncker

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The impact of wireless channel modelling on exposure to electromagnetic radiation is studied. Two methods are developed in order to assess the statistical properties of whole body Specific Absorption Rate for exposure estimation in indoor environment. The body model is exposed to a bundle of waves, named cluster, following the wireless channel modelling approach. The first method is analytical and based on the Uncorrelated Scattering Assumption of the incident waves. The second method is a classical stochastic method. The point is to identify the parameters of Wireless Channel which led to significant SAR's variation.

O. Jawad, D. Lautru, A. Benlarbi-Delai, J. M. Dricot, F. Horlin, and P. De Doncker, "A Human Body Model Exposed to a Cluster of Waves: a Statistical Study of SAR," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 30, 1-13, 2012.

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