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By S. Hou, S. Yu, and H. Li

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For the coaxial outer corrugated resonator, dispersion equations of TE and TM modes are derived by the surface impedance theory, and the first order transmission line equations with mode coupling coefficients are deduced by means of the transmission line and coupling wave theory. According to them, resonant frequency, diffractive quality factor and field profile of geometry of the eigen-mode about the coaxial outer corrugated resonator can be calculated. The effect of outer slot depth, tooth width as well as asymptotic angle of outer conductor and slope angle of inner conductor on resonant frequency and quality factor can be researched. Results show that changes of the outer slot depth and tooth width slightly affect the field frequency and quality factor and that the changes of the asymptotic angle of outer conductor and slope angle of inner conductor almost do not affect field frequency, but greatly affect quality factor.

S. Hou, S. Yu, and H. Li, "Research on Eigen-Mode of Coaxial Outer Corrugated Resonator," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 39, 165-177, 2013.

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