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By A. A. Eldek

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In this paper, two staggered array configurations are presented for enhancing size and radiation properties of wideband phased array systems. The proposed arrays are obtained either by rotating each element 45° or by inserting additional rows in the middle which are shifted by half the distance between elements. These two configurations allow for a smaller distance between array elements (29% less), while the actual distance between elements in the diagonal direction is kept the same. Reducing the distance between elements results in eliminating/reducing the grating lobes in a wider frequency range, which improves the array usable bandwidth. In addition, this proposed array produces better gain and maximum steering angle.

A. A. Eldek, "Enhancement of Phased Array Size and Radiation Properties Using Staggered Array Configurations," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 39, 49-60, 2013.

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