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By J. N. Lee, H. K. Kweon, and K. C. Lee

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In this paper, we propose a novel UHF RFID coupled slot metallic tag antenna with a radome. The proposed tag antenna consists of a frequency tuning slot, imaginary part tuning slot, real part tuning stub, micro-chip, and radome. All simulations were carried out using an Ansys HFSS simulator. The RFID tag antenna was designed and fabricated for use in the Korean and Japanese UHF band of 916.7 to 923.5 MHz. The measured 3 dB frequency bandwidth is 914 to 926 MHz. The measured read range is 12 m on a metallic surface. Details of the proposed tag antenna design, as well as simulated and measured results are presented and discussed.

J. N. Lee, H. K. Kweon, and K. C. Lee, "A Novel UHF RFID Slot Coupled Metallic Tag Antenna for Steel-Bar Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 46, 13-22, 2014.

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