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By V. Bertrand, R. Negrier, M. Lalande, J. Andrieu, V. Couderc, B. M. Shalaby, L. Pecastaing, and A. De Ferron

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Optoelectronic devices triggered by a laser flash and operating in linear switching regime allow the generation of short pulses with small time jitters (2 ps typically). An Ultra Wide Band antenna array combining as many of this photoswitches as antennas has the advantage to increase the radiation power on one hand and to offer the agility of the radiation beam on the other hand obtained by time delay of laser illumination. During the step of antenna design, it becomes important to take into account the photoswitch integration in order to increase the peak power and the frequency band of the generated output signal. This paper presents an equivalent model of photoswitch obtained with the transient solver of CST Microwave Studio coupled within CST Design Studio. The second part of this article is dedicated to the integration of a photoswitch even within the antenna.

V. Bertrand, R. Negrier, M. Lalande, J. Andrieu, V. Couderc, B. M. Shalaby, L. Pecastaing, and A. De Ferron, "Equivalent Model of Photoswitch: Application to the UWB Antenna Design Integrating Impulse Feeding," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 46, 145-151, 2014.

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