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By N. Amar Touhami, Y. Yahyaoui, A. Zakriti, K. Bargach, M. Boussouis, M. Lamsalli, and A. Tribak

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In this paper, the design and analysis of a compact coplanar waveguide-fed ultra wideband pentagon antenna are presented. To achieve ultra wideband performance, two modifications are introduced. The first one is to remove a small fan angle on each side of the ground plan, and the second one is to modify the sharp of the patch in the width. The optimal dimensions can be achieved by a parametric analysis. The antenna design exhibits a very wide operating bandwidth of 16.7 GHz with a return loss better than 10 dB in the frequency range from 4.46 GHz to 21.14 GHz. The gain of the proposed antenna is 6.3 dBi. This antenna configuration will be useful for UWB indoor application as it is easy to fabricate and integrate with RF circuitry. All simulations in this work were carried out by using the electromagnetic software CST.

N. Amar Touhami, Y. Yahyaoui, A. Zakriti, K. Bargach, M. Boussouis, M. Lamsalli, and A. Tribak, "A Compact CPW-Fed Planar Pentagon Antenna for UWB Applications," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 46, 153-161, 2014.

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