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By Z. Sun, K. P. Esselle, S.-S. Zhong, and Y. J. Guo

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An L/C dual-band dual-polarized (DBDP) shared aperture microstrip array is proposed in the paper. In the array, the sandwiched stacked patch is employed for the L-band element to exploit the bandwidth for given element thickness. Several key issues regarding the proposed structure are discussed, including: 1) benefit of proposed L band sandwiched stacked patch; 2) C-band feeding method; 3) radiation performance in both bands. A prototype array of L/C DBDP sandwiched stacked patch is designed and fabricated to verify the feasibility of the proposed structure, where the measured data are presented in the paper.

Z. Sun, K. P. Esselle, S.-S. Zhong, and Y. J. Guo, "Shared-Aperture Dual-Band Dual-Polarization Array Using Sandwiched Stacked Patch," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 52, 183-195, 2014.

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