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By M. Mighani and M. Akbari

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A new compact antenna with the capability of covering Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Communication is presented. The size of the antenna is 22×24 mm2. Moreover, the proposed antenna has been successfully fabricated and measured, showing broadband matched impedance (~149%, 2.1 up to more than 14.3 GHz, VSWR ≤ 2). Also the antenna has dual band rejected characteristic on WLAN and WiMAX bands. Frequency and time domain performances of the antenna such as fidelity factor are examined at the end of the paper.

M. Mighani and M. Akbari, "New UWB Monopole Planer Antenna with Dual Band Notched," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 52, 153-162, 2014.

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