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By J. Kulyk, G. Wu, L. Belostotski, and J. W. Haslett

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This paper presents the design, simulation and measurements of wideband two-stage LNAs using commercially available discrete components and targeting Square Kilometre Array (SKA) focal-plane-array verification studies. The design optimization was implemented through simulations based on theoretical work that shows that low wide-band noise figures and power match are achievable by inner-stage component selection and device bias. In contrast to the conventional practice of having each stage of a discrete LNA matched to 50 Ω, the inner stage was designed with a mismatching capacitor between the two stages. The measured results are presented for 0.7-1.4 GHz and achieve noise figures below 0.4 dB, gain of at least 28 dB, mid-band input return loss of 7 dB, output P1dB of 18.3 dBm, input-referred IP3 of -15.47 dBm, and power consumption of 500 mW with a supply voltage of 5 V.

J. Kulyk, G. Wu, L. Belostotski, and J. W. Haslett, "Wide-Band Two-Stage GaAs LNA for Radio Astronomy," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 56, 119-124, 2015.

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