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By W.-S. Kim and S.-H. Choi

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An internal dual-band flexible antenna is described. The antenna employs a rectangular patch to improve the interrogation range (above 100 mm) for near-field communications (NFC), as well as the passive average gain performance (above -20 dBi) for FM radio. A preliminary prototype antenna exhibits an interrogation range of 110 mm at 13.56 MHz and a passive average gain performance from -15.6 to -13.5 dBi in the range 86-108 MHz, while demonstrating an omnidirectional radiation pattern for FM radio applications.

W.-S. Kim and S.-H. Choi, "A Novel Internal NFC/FM Antenna with Parasitic-Patch-Enhanced NFC Interrogation Range and FM Passive Gain," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 57, 81-87, 2015.

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