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By Y.-X. Tan, E. H. Lim, and F.-L. Lo

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A transparent dielectric resonator (DR) reflectarray that works in the C-band (6.5 GHz) is proposed in this paper. Here, the reflectarray element has a metallic stripof adjustable length placed underneathto act as a phase shifter. Floquet method isapplied for characterizing the reflection properties of the element anda 7×7 full-fledge reflectarray was constructed using glass and the low-cost FR4. By varying the length of the under-loading strip, it is found that the proposed DRA reflectarray element is able to provide a compensating phase of greater than 300˚. Measurements and simulations were conducted to analyze the reflection coefficient, antenna gain, and radiation patterns. The reflectarray has a maximum gain of 14.38 dBi in the broadside direction, and the 1-dB bandwidth of the DRA reflectarray is found to be around 8%. The use of DR has enabled antenna size miniaturization, and it can be useful for the design of small-size reflectarrays.

Y.-X. Tan, E. H. Lim, and F.-L. Lo, "Transparent Dielectric Resonator Reflectarray with Bottom-Loading Strip," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 58, 43-50, 2015.

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