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By E. A. Ogbodo, Y. Wang, and P. B. Rapajic

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This paper presents a new implementation technique of transmission zeros in an in-line coupled filter. Neither cross couplings between non-adjacent resonators nor separate side-line resonators have been used. Instead a mixture of single-mode hairpin resonators and dual-mode patch resonators have been adopted in a bandpass filter with one asymmetric transmission zero. The introduction of the patch led to an improved frequency selectivity through an independently controllable transmission zero. This approach has been verified by a three-pole filter at 2.6 GHz with 8% bandwidth and a transmission zero at 2.4 GHz. Good agreement has been shown between the measurements and the simulation.

E. A. Ogbodo, Y. Wang, and P. B. Rapajic, "Bandpass Filters with Mixed Hairpin and Patch Resonators," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 59, 101-106, 2015.

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