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By G. Bartolucci, G. De Angelis, A. Lucibello, R. Marcelli, and E. Proietti

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In this paper a new method to solve the microwave matching problem of MEMS shunt connected switches is proposed, as an extension of a previously presented approach based on the image parameter formulation. The image phase concept is used to impose the matching condition in the ``on'' state of the device, which is the most critical one. Two different configurations are investigated: a single basic cell and double basic cell topologies. For both of them an analytic modeling procedure is developed, and the equations for the synthesis of the structures are derived. In order to provide some examples, the method has been applied to a previously realized MEMS shunt variable capacitor.

G. Bartolucci, G. De Angelis, A. Lucibello, R. Marcelli, and E. Proietti, "The Image Phase Approach for the Design of RF MEMS Shunt Switches," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 63, 173-182, 2016.

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