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By F. Xue, H. Wang, and M. Yi

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Two single-layer X/Ku dual-band dual-polarization reflectarray antennas of different sizes with double parallel dipole elements are presented. Elements of the two bands are set to two orthogonal linear polarizations and placed in interlaced grid. The proposed reflectarrays operate in two frequency-bands within X-band centered at 10 GHz and Ku-band centered at 13.58 GHz. The smaller size reflectarray with elements arranged in a 13×13 grid for X-band and in a 12×12 grid for Ku-band is designed and simulated first. Based on the excellent dual-band performance of the small size reflectarray, then a larger size prototype has been designed, manufactured and measured. Measured results demonstrate the maximum gain of 28.54 dB with 50.93% radiation efficiency at 10 GHz and 31.06 dB with 51.34% radiation efficiency at 13.58 GHz, which show desirable dual-band dual-polarization radiation performance.

F. Xue, H. Wang, and M. Yi, "Design of X/Ku Dual-Band Dual-Linear Polarization Reflectarray Using Double Parallel Dipole Elements," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 66, 11-20, 2016.

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