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By L. Martin, B. Froppier, E. Motta Cruz, and T. Razban-Haghighi

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Development of new network standards leads to the use of bulky base station antennas. Their wide surfaces are not compatible with integration constraints in urban areas. As the antenna is composed of a high number of radiating elements, reducing the surface of each element is a way to reduce the antenna surface. Compact radiating element would allow integration of several antennas on the initial surface. In this paper, a new compact antenna is designed in order to obtain up to four antennas at the place of one. The antenna gain and horizontal Half Power Beamwidth (HPBW) should be maintained. The size reduction is obtained by dielectric embedding. In order to determine the dielectric characteristics in which the antenna must be immersed, a theoretical model is proposed in this paper. Simulations and measurements are provided to show the evolution of the antenna's performances in order to achieve manufacturer's specifications.

L. Martin, B. Froppier, E. Motta Cruz, and T. Razban-Haghighi, "New Compact High Gain Radiating Element for Base Station Antenna," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 65, 183-190, 2016.

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