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By L.-C. Tsai

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This paper proposes a planar monopole antenna design for achieving gain enhancement. The radiation pattern is achieved straightforwardly by employing a detached glass slab and placing a reflected metal slab after the glass slab onto the antenna structure. Geometrical parameters were examined to optimize the performance of the proposed antenna. Such a configuration causes constructive interference between the incident and reflected fields. The radiation patterns can be adjusted the thickness of the glass slab and dielectric constants. The radiated fields are redistributed because of the inclusion of the glass slab, which has a permittivity of εr = 7.75 and a thickness of h = 1 mm. Consequently, the planar monopole gain achieved using the glass slab and reflected metal slab is increased to approximately 5 dBi, whereas the antenna resonant frequency remains almost unchanged at nearly 14% in impedance bandwidth. The results obtained for the directional pattern, return loss, gain, and radiation efficiency of the proposed antenna were analyzed. The antenna volume of the radiation area and ground plane was 3 × 32 × 52 mm3. Detailed simulations and experiments were conducted to optimize the gain enhancement operations, and the measured results agreed with the simulated ones.

L.-C. Tsai, "Gain Enhancement in Planar Monopole Antennas," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 66, 129-137, 2016.

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