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By P. Sun, L. Wu, J. Ding, and X.-W. Sun

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High output power multiplier is necessary for local oscillator (LO) source of millimeter-wave and terahertz applications. However, single multiplier chip power-handling capability is limited by understandably low efficiency level and other technical constraints. Conventional in-phase power-combined structures are sensitive to the fabrication and assembly errors. In order to circumvent these limits, we propose a power-combined multiplier architecture at 60 GHz based on fundamental frequency vector modulation at 30 GHz. The fundamental vector modulator adjustment can compensate the phase deviation at the two doubler output ports despite fabrication and assembly tolerances. We can increase the output power by approximately 3 dB compared with single multiplier without sacrificing the bandwidth.

P. Sun, L. Wu, J. Ding, and X.-W. Sun, "Power-Combined Multipliers at 60 GHz Based on Fundamental Frequency Vector Modulation," Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 66, 191-199, 2016.

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